100 Things I Am Grateful For

100 Things I Am Grateful For

(Or just things I love)

(In no specific order)

Mrs. Haseltine (My teacher) gave us a challenge; make a list of 100 things we are grateful for. She didn’t say we had to do it, but I wanted to try. Then, I may never have trouble thinking of things i am grateful for ever again! You should try, too. Anyway, here’s my go at it…

  1. My family

  2. My friends

  3. The ability to read

  4. The ability to write

  5. My clothes

  6. Accessories(jewelry, hairbands, etc.)

  7. Grammar rules

  8. Spelling rules

  9. Punctuation rules

  10. Animals

  11. The fact that I have practically endless food and water

  12. Chocolate

  13. Ice cream

  14. Ice cream-cake

  15. Stoves(I don’t like raw meat!)

  16. My glasses

  17. Different and unique people

  18. Music

  19. Piano(and other instruments)

  20. Kind people

  21. Understanding people

  22. Sensitive people

  23. Pictures

  24. Transportation(other than walking)

  25. Inspiring singers

  26. My skin

  27. My blood cells

  28. A healthy body

  29. My bones/skeletons

  30. This blog

  31. All of your comments 🙂

  32. George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jr., and a bunch of singers

  33. The abolition of slavery

  34. The abolition of child labor(I wish I could say that everywhere else 🙁 )

  35. Hope

  36. Dreams that come true(unless they’re nightmares :O)

  37. Love

  38. Flowers

  39. Fancy dinners

  40. Weddings

  41. Wedding rings

  42. Beautiful proposals (awww… 😉 )

  43. Safety

  44. Awesome transitions and animations in slideshows

  45. My brain

  46. My bed

  47. The fact that I am financially supported

  48. My eyes

  49. My heart

  50. My ears

  51. My other senses

  52. My grandparents

  53. My cousins

  54. The fact that I live during a time when women aren’t considered “weak,” anymore

  55. My phone

  56. Not having an early death (hopefully that doesn’t change)

  57. Not having an arranged marriage

  58. Life

  59. Liberty

  60. The pursuit of happiness

  61. So many job opportunities!

  62. Spas

  63. Sign language

  64. Animals that help blind people and other animals(I think they’re called service animals and seeing eye name of animal)

  65. Properly numbered lists

  66. Stories that are actually good

  67. All of the pretty lights on Halloween and Christmas

  68. Anything well organized

  69. Fanfiction

  70. Poetry

  71. Birthday presents

  72. The perfect comeback

  73. Our country’s flag

  74. Rainbows

  75. Rain

  76. Flowers

  77. Trees

  78. Laws/rules

  79. Pretty fonts

  80. Pretty colors

  81. The government

  82. Cursive handwriting

  83. Messy handwriting(I love it!)

  84. When I win an argument

  85. Babies(They’re so cute!!!)

  86. The Arts(Performing arts, drawing arts, sculpting arts,  etc.)

  87. Windows

  88. The moon

  89. The sun

  90. Magic(If only it was real)

  91. Books/magazines/The library

  92. Memes

  93. Different cultures

  94. Movies/films

  95. Soap

  96. Dresses

  97. Hugs

  98. Birthdays

  99. The smell of chlorine, laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, etc.

  100. The pretty colors that leaves change into.

If I repeated anything, let me know.

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  1. Hi,
    I am a six grader from another school. I read your post and this caught me. Most of the things are the ones what I love too. And what I’m also grateful for… The reason why I like this post is because then I can know more about you and we can get along easily. I think I should also make something like this in my blog.. NICE!!!
    And if you want to know my blog URL it’s this one.


  2. Hi there! I found your blog as I was checking for my students’ comments. Jessica is one of my students. I think this blog post is amazing and I love some of your ideas. You acknowledge how some of the simplest things in life can be the most valuable. I think I might even encourage my students to work on a list like this in the next few weeks!

    Ms. Zimmer
    American School of Milan

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